Forever And Beyond

I'm going under
Drowning in you
I'm falling forever
I've got to break through
Somewhere beyond the pain
There must be a way to believe

Born free meaning :

To born without chains around wrists?
Or free of every judgments?
Or born free somewhere you can choose the job you'll do?

No, it's not about the color of your skin or where you live.
It's a way of life, mean to be free-minded,
to go against every contradictions and  beyond your limits.
Live like there is no tomorrow, embrace the life as it come.
Jumping from a cliff, or get lost.

It can be done through little things.
Like, grab his mane and gallop up forever.

My strong feeling of wanting to become a doctor is beyond comprehension..and just the idea makes me so mad..but the journey is quite long n human minds are made to be swayed so everytime i find myself drifting away this collection gets me back on earth...and i hope it does the same for you as well

"When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end."

Twins, besties, sisters and love for food and all things great from 4 till today and beyond. 💛💚❤️


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hi baby. happy seventeen! 😂😂😂 sorry for your pic. its still cute anyway. 😁 iloveyousomuch baby. stay strong. thanks for the videochat a while ago. ❤❤❤❤ forever an beyond. ❤😍 i wanna love you everydaaaay. 💋 imissyou my piggy prince. 🐽 hoho. 7 days to go an  


Love is worth it after all. -The Catastrophic History of You and Me 💋  

Dida Said
Dida Said

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