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flannel outfit clothes style grunge

dominique maze weasley - gryffindor
patronus - coyote
dom, blonde, France, sushi, wild, surf, Australia, waffles, maps, bikes, freckles, sunglasses, banana, overalls, milk, messy hair (actually she's a mess), sea, destroyed jeans, wizard chess, flannels

“victoire, why the hell your cat is inside the bathroom sink?”

Just some things I find stylish, be prepared for flannels, lots and lots of flannels my friend

remus john lupin - gryffindor
s; nymphadora tonks
moony, chocolate, letters, wolf, scars, bike, suspenders, flannels

alice madeleine longbottom II - gryffindor
patronus - dolphin
s; james sirius potter
licey, blonde, brave, "greenhouse girl", smartass, thanksgiving day, apples, "professor's daughter", earth, tea, flannels

"don't do this, james! don't say goodbye, i won't leave you."

james sirius potter - gryffindor
patronus - deer
s; alice longbottom II
jay, quarrelsome, strawberries, all star, cinnamon, valentine's day, spiders, skateboard, beanies, glasses, comics, flannels, beater, pizza, vans, curly hair, fuckboy

“hey man, i'll not say again, stay away from my brother or i'll kill you.”

james forrest potter - gryffindor
patronus - deer
s; lily abigail evans
prongs, tangerines, alcohol, origami, lily's birthday, grape juice, guitar, playing cards, flannels, gunner, chocolate frogs, fuckboy


@flawlessad don't be fooled. this is vodka.  

glenn coco
glenn coco

@moonjungleprincess Very cayoot boyfriend of mine  


@ChanellePoulin Chanelle Mirror pic