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i believe in love at first sight bc i fell in love the moment i saw her picture on my tumblr dash

At the first moment I saw him I knew he would be my favorite. How V says "He's a man",and how A.R.M.Y's says "He's so damn cute". Also really hot and sweet at the same time. Sleepy baby (o^^o). Sometimes he can be rude,but,he's an awesome person,I'm sure.

A magic world who is grown up with me. I grew up with Harry and Ron and Hermione. I'll always love this big novel. I loved it from the very first moment and I'm sure I'll never stop love it.

"At the moment this boy was not particularly like anyone for he had the finest black eye you ever saw, and a tooth missing, and his clothes (which must have been splendid ones when he put them on) were torn and dirty, and there was both blood and mud on his face."
Corin, also known as Thunder-Fist, was the Prince of Archenland, and the son of King Lune. He was also the Crown Prince for thirteen years, before the return of his twin brother, the first born Prince, Cor.

Jeabum is my BIAS from GOT7 (At the moment XD I change a lot in GOT7 XD)
He wasn't my Bias first but I fell in love with him in Just Right (The moment he winked OMG I just died X.X)
I became more attracted to his voice and now I just love his voice! <3
After If You Do, I was sure he just had to become my Bias, I loved his Charisma and his voice in the MV.
And I loved his eyes to when singing the Chorus....I just fell completely for him (I think he will my Bias for a long time XD)

See, always want do to one of this Halloween's looks for my annual Aquelarre, but i do the first thing that comes on my mind at the last moment. 😑


@wpay FunSubstance - It's so fun, I can't even  

a l e x i s
a l e x i s

@RelentlessDreamers I like beginnings because they're so full of promise.  


@nathanfrost "can you hear this?"  


@QuuenD I just adore my photographie <3