First Generation

I've played Pokémon since the first generation and I don't think I'll ever stop.

tv show; skins. first generation.

cassie has several problems, but she's smart, clever, and dreamy.

❥・Kim HyoYeon 김효연 ↫
[SNSD] First bias. #HYY
❝When I saw you for the first time on the stage
The time around me had stopped and only my heart raced. You, who has changed my normal life, are my dancing queen❞

Edits of My Queen♥ My first love☆

First hello 😊 and second theres no words can explain or describe my love to Seohyun i made this collection for my favorite picture of her . Hope you giys like it😘 Manar😎


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@selenophile_crucio Something happens, suddenly you've lost them