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dedicated to tHE MOST AMAZING FILM OF 2017 "IT"
| have some photos of 1990 version

I love vintage pics.
These photos are specifically based
around that. 📽

Insieme di foto di ogni categoria : città, scuola , libri ,serie tv ,film e tanto altro
Set of photos of each category: city, school, books, TV series, movies and more

Best pictures?! 🥇 Yes, because The 100 my faveourite 'film'.

photos of films i enjoy


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James Spader, left, and Robert Downey Jr. in “Tuff Turf,” a 1985 film about a street gang  

katie lee
katie lee

@dancingfoo202 san francisco 💌 a video i made after my summer, including an excerpt from my journal and some 35 mm photos I took