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Every gils sometimes feels like a princess 👑

My head it's a messy...

My anime collection is on any anime and any emotion a anime character feels and scenes on it

all the boys feel threatened by an independent woman with a brain

I just want to spread positivity around, I want everyone to feel good about themselves and be grateful for life, everything gets better, I promise. 💕
I care for each and every one of my followers, always feel free to postcard me if you are feeling down, I will always be available to listen 💛 I love my followers

"what i came to do in this world is not only to entertain, but to love. to share. to listen. to improve. to learn. to share music, to share experience, to share feelings. to make people feel happy and empowered. to make people feel like they're not alone." 🌜💫💛

Christina Glass
Christina Glass

@blueeyes1999 I know I post a lot of sky's but what can I say there is just a lot of sky out there.  


@PrincessButtKick I just wanna be next to you right now...