Feed Your Mind

Books feed the mind. Reading is where you learn more through other perspectives through a variety of ages. You increase your grammar and vocabulary. Only the weak don't read because they can't handle the strength reading gives.

A promise of passion, a trailer of sin, a smiling assassin, the demon within, endorphins are raging, resistance is thin. And you're blowing my mind, cause I find that your theories of life are insane, feed my brain, I could listen all night. I can't leave till we kiss, it's a moment of madness.

Light greens and plants to clear your mind and make your feed feel so much more fresh

feed your body & mind

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it faith. Feed it truth. Feed it with love.

ɥǝɐp ɟnɔʞ
ɥǝɐp ɟnɔʞ

@heartbreakingxheadfuck Sex on the brain  


@kadimark feed your mind with faith truth and love  

Little me
Little me

@PutTheLightOn Read books and feed your mind.