Fashion By He

Beautiful women in he world💕🌎🌸

i mean he's stylish too but...

Kim Kibum, SHINee's lead rapper and vocal. A fücking model and I kid you not could probably get anyone (and I mean anyone) to fück him if he wanted. Is better than you and he knows it. His sassiness could probably make the strongest men crumble to their feet. His Born To Shine solo makes me wish I was born dead, because it was painfuuuuul. I want him to scream fashion advice into my ear.

old-fashioned baker & lover

insp: my longing for somebody who can love me like he did for his past gfs

face claim: sebastian stan

john laurens || pansexual || transgender (ftm) || 26 || he/him || alex's best friend || works for cheap fashion industry in town || musician || dating peggy schuyler || artsy boy

Kim Wonsik, main rapper of VIXX. I want him to growl straight into my skull with his rough and deep voice. Airport fashion king, born a model. Looks like he could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll. Little $wag child and I love him dearly. His mixtapes set my soul on fire. All of him sets me on fire, he's so uggh... So hot, so perfect.