》The Murderer Of Farrow Lake

Kira Nakahara | 18 [alive]

Kira is a student from Japan. Kind heart but agressive hands. Doesn't like to hurt just if it's needed. She loves sushi and she fight with a sword. Invencible and really smart.
This is the monster you've become me

Used to have a relationship with Ethan Spence - heterosexual

》The Murderer Of Farrow Lake

Landon Farley Hester | 18 [alive]

Landon is the head of the group, he is a good friend and really brave. Always put his family first and really good shooter. Bad grades to a good boy. Loyalty needs to be respected

Used to have a relationship with Jacqueline Craft
Used to have a relationship and still is in love with Ethan Spence
In a relationship with Aiden Slater - pansexual

》The Murderer Of Farrow Lake

Joanne Kahler | 18 [alive]

Joanne is a student born in the United States but her parents are from German. She is strong, brave, smart, and really dangerous. Feminist. Badass sharpshooter
Everything is wrong with her, except the way she dress


》The Murderer Of Farrow Lake

Hardin Knox | 18 [alive]

Hardin is Landon's all life best friend. He was in love with Santana Muñez since kids. Sarcastic and sassy but really loyal and a good friend. Soccer and skater. Smart and curious hacker always trying to figure it out everything. In love with puppies

In a relationship with Santana Muñez - heterosexual

》The Murderer Of Farrow Lake

Stella Glass | 18 [alive]

Stella is a pretty girl with family issues. Blonde, blue eyes and soft person. Always wearing flowered skirts and cute dresses that fits with her personality. Great cook, better soldier and has an incredible marksmanship with knives that makes you wanna run away. She is kind and innocent but brave and strong

In a relationship with Jaxon Rouzrokh - heterosexual

》The Murderer Of Farrow Lake

Jacqueline Craft | 18 [dead]

Jacqueline is the co-captain of the cheerleader team, always living on Santana's shadow she tried to stole her place. Liar from experience and manipulative and mean person. Depressive heartbreaker. Rich girl with no feelings

Used to have a relationship with Landon Farley
Used to have a relationship with Elias Guerra - heterosexual

1999 - 2017


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Mia Farrow

@sunnyfunytime Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra, 1966. She was 21 and he was 50. The condition was that she stopped acting. She gladly did until offered "Rosemary's Baby", which led to the demise of her marriage. Credit: BuzzFeed