Fall Angel

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All the times of the year in one collection ☃❅❀☀ The crisp wind, the bright leaves, and the cuddly sweaters that come before the snow angels, hot cocoa, and twinkling holiday lights that show up after the blooming flowers, butterflies, and sunshine, which comes before the sandy hair, sun-kissed cheeks, and tanned skin.

✨It's the most angelic smile you can ever find and once she smile you will instantly fall in love with her .✨

Athalie is a fallen archangel who has always been devoted to God. But when Lord leave heaven she's bunt and precipitated from paradise. She's meet her brother - Castiel and his friends - Sam and Dean Winchester. Now she must recover her grace and find God. But Athalie can not handle on earth. She fall in love and lose her brothers and friends. Fallen angel is human now...

Some angels are destined to FALL.

When you miss me close your eyes
I may be far but never gone
When you fall asleep tonight
just remember that we lay under the same stars

H★w many times d★es an angel fall??...
I'm a blackstar !!


@Alex_love_smile Icarus is flying too close to the sun 🎶  

Love Morales.
Love Morales.

Just like fall in love you can fall in the earth  


@mihaela_soana Angel Falls in Canaima National Park, Venezuela  


@michaela_kk Halloween  


@gabidino me enamoro de ti una y otra vez