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extreme beautiful beauty

A collection for beautiful food that will make you extremely hungry🍭

A bunch of jewelries and accessories that i desire and find extremely beautiful.

I have a lot of biases in EXO, you can probably guess right now😂 But PCY is in my top 3 together with my lovely beagle line Jongdae and Baekhyunnie being a adorable happy virus. Chanyeol is extremely talented,he can rap, sing, and play a lot of instruments,born with a beautiful smile a lovely personality, he will stole your heart. Luv you Channie ❤️

words i live by, that i think are cool, that i think
are worded cool, that are extremely true

Extremely attractive and beautiful humans. Hence the name Daddies. Daddies can be men or women🚻

Fashion is a type of art. You play with needle and thread and make something extremely beautiful out of it. Though I'm not a very fashionable person, I really do enjoy seeing people in latest outfits and accessories.


@trblyiu Night sky in Maranjab salt lake,Iran.I wanna visit Iran,lebanon and Palestine etc but it's really expensive.It is way expensive than a trip to Europe,U.S. or Canada.  


@xaldax Pero por favor que cosa más bella  


@Hillarytabora Honduras  


@discoverusa Paul McSorley Social Media Guest Postings: September 28 to October 4 - Alpinist.com