Granny Sheeran told me when I'm looking for a partner to fall in love with their eyes cause eyes are the only things that don't age, so if you fall in love with their eyes you'll be in love forever- Ed Sheeran

Leighton Meester, actriz, modelo, cantante y compositora.
Conocida mayormente por su papel en Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf.

Billy, Cameron, Zac, 1D, Niall, Ed, Josh, JB, among others....

This is the perfect pair of boys (oh, and Cameron Dallas too ;)

↪long walks, Ed Sheeran songs, crunchy leaves, classic books, hot tea, sound of rain and wind, breathtaking landscapes, all the colors, apples, poems, long rides, peaceful nights, soft sweaters, blankets, linings, storms, just how beautifully is to let things go...

harry potter

@mely_gael Siendo sinceros ron es perfecto, y tu también😻