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Music helps me through the day... and night. Thank u dad for introducing me for ACDC, Pink Floyd and Parkway Drive. I also love Guy Sebastian, Imagine Dragons and so much more. Music expresses what I can't with words

"oh kelsey"
artsy n sad adventure boi
"drown every single one of your feelings
in old stolen rum, learn to love the taste of it
dripping down your throat,
find comfort in the warmth coming from your stomach,
you're drinking bottled love now,
you don't need other people to drive away your loneliness,
you just needed to find a way to talk to it "
**how to never stop being sad by dandelion hands**

(n.) love of darkness or night. finding relaxtion or comfort in the darkness.

California Love! 3rd generation Native Cali Girl here. Born & raised here to this day. I will never leave my State. It's more than that to me, I have lived literally from Sacramento to San Diego! I don't think I've missed a town or city here. So we don't signal, drift into the right lane on a left, drive like...Angry! Places to go like 2 blks. up for a coffee! No one walks in LA! Just playing... We do at Errol Flynn park... 💘

sunset watching, aimless walking, off-guard photos, long drives, hotel rooms, & an all around adventure w/ someone i love

Vroom, vroom let's go! I lost my license to drive in 2008. Talk about death! I'm like 30 something & my life is over as I know it. I will never drive again. At least legally. I obey the law. I loved to drive my cars. Faster the better, I always loved my muscle cars especially. Now I'm just a rider. Everyone has their part to play. Now I 💗 hot girls in or with beautiful cars. Nostalgia perhaps memories of the glory days. It's like I'm 80! 🤓 Safe travels kids... 💘🤘


@celineaamodt1 Suicide squad😍  


@2802203 Ayudenme siguidore y alos que yo estoy siguiendo  


@20120993 Para todos q vean esta foto el es mi novio mi amorsote