Dream Place

i'm thankful for this life that i live. i am thankful for my career; for my friends and my place in a beautiful city that i love. i am thankful for the love of my life - my best friend, my soulmate. i am thankful for my financial abundance, and i am thankful for the experiences i have been given. i am thankful for my supporters. i am thankful for my ambition. i am thankful for me, and i am in love with me. thank you, universe, for his wonderful life that i live.

결국 시련의 끝에 만개하리.

This collection gathers my longing dreams of traveling. It showcases the perks of all the seasons and places around the world!

Places I wanna travel to, places I wanna live in, places I'll only be in within my dreams.

Hey, is there a place for us Where flames flicker and wave for us
And we can see the future and the dreams it's made of
Hey, is there a place
A place for us


@QuotesandPicturesElissa Makes your dreams come true. Go to the place where you want that your dreams came true. Than you can say my dreams has come true before I death. We don't know when we gonna die. Maybe is this my summer holiday, we don't know. Everything gonna be happend  


@bellarose345 View from the top love Los Angeles 😍