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Man can never stop dreaming. The dream is food for the soul as food is food for the body

~ Paulo Coelho, author of Der Alchimist ~

Everyone has a dream country like Paris,New York,Rome but for me Seoul is THE PLACE.
It's not about the kdramas.Nor kpop.It's about the language,the people,the city.It's about the food and the culture.
The feels when I think of Seoul.
"It feels like I was born there."

seen you from afar; wondered who you are, wondered what you’re like. think you’re just my type.

Hest valley is and eastern region in Eagone. It is Green, full of fields and flowers, and also a lot of people. Hest valley's people are responsible of growing food in their fields, and raising horses for the king's army and other purposes. There are a lot of farmers villages there, and two cities: Mola, and Vor - which is the lead region city. (Book: We Dream Because Our Soul Can't Sleep)

Kudo is a southern region in Eagone. It is warm, bordering the south sea, and responsible for all the trade of food, wine, treasures, money and also slaves fro the islands. It is corrupt and sometimes dangerous if you are new there. (Book: We Dream Because Our Soul Can't Sleep)

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@Camilla_772 Treats in London are the best x  


@PelinAltindag Nevşehir(Cappadocia)/Turkey