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reese isabella parker.
tragic backstory, telekinetic powers, badass genius, literal ray of sunshine, seems like a total bitch but will do anything for her friends.
likes dogs, puns, the presence of other people, & quantum physics. (& would also really like for that one guy to like her back.)
"i have a feeling your parents hated you"
"why on earth would you think that? because my initials are literally r.i.p. or because they sent me to russia as soon as they could get rid of me?"

Roxanne Katie Weasley; Gryffindor, troublemaker, Beater. Bisexual. Loves Lysander Scamander and Quidditch. Does ballet. Believes dogs are better than (most) people. Daughter of George and Angelina. Younger sister to Fred.

Look for a man who loves you as much as you love dogs. - My Dad

♡I don't care about the breed. I love them all!

cats over dogs any day


@jaiceeftw He will always be a puppy to me ❤️  


@itstanjaa He will always stands by your side 🌷  

Giuliana Sánchez Nieto
Giuliana Sánchez Nieto

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