•Demi: MY FREAKING QUEEN 👑💁🏼💕 •Little Mix: JadeIs My Cute Wittle Pwincess •Selena Gomez: My Princess •Justin Bieber: My Hottie •Cara Delevingne: Slays My Existence ((also my queen)) •Ariana Grande

Pictures of the most inspirational beautiful woman who has made me feel stronger everyday and feel better about myself and be confident in myself and not care about what others think of me I'm really glad that Demi is my idol 😍 I love you Demi 💕

Ariana Grande,mi cantante favorita,mi mujer favorita,MI IDOLA❤ Una mujer fuerte,luchadora,encantadora y valiente❤

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Araceli Marchan
Araceli Marchan

@Aracelimarchan Demi lovato 🔥