Dancing With The Stars

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"i can make the stars
dance. light up
the moon."

Oh my, where do I start?
The sky creates so much beautiful and amazing colours, with clouds in any shapes and sizes, with rainbows that come after the rainy storm. Then night comes, there are stars covering every part of the sky, the beautiful dots that I see reminds me that I am not alone, and when the Aurora Borealis appears in the cold winter days dancing around.
I love the sky so much, looking up and seeing those amazing things beyond our reach makes me feel like here's hope.

normani kordei hamiltion member of fifth harmony. past dancer, partner of val, from dancing with the stars.

She likes old books, drinking tea, creating and dancing with the stars.

"Who am I?" She asked the stars. They twinkled brightly around her & the wind made her hair dance. She sat quietly until she knew the answer.


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