Dance Team

Seventeen is a thirteen member South Korean boy band that is divided into three different teams that specialize in rapping, singing and dancing. They were created by Pledis Entertainment in 2015 and are known for being well-rounded performers that have an amazing sense of synchronization! (Ultimate Bias: Vernon // Wrecker: IDEK ANYMORE)

16 | dancer | junior | profoundly deaf | green team | adoptive muscle memory

Roxanne Minerva Weasley - July 1st 2006 - Daughter of George and Angelina
- Gryffindor -
Beater in Gryffindor Team
♠ Clothes ♠ Divination ♠ Dance ♠ Muffins ♠ Bakery ♠ Make up ♠ Knitting ♠
Patronus : Tigress ♠ Amortentia : Chocolate, lipstick & shampoo

WWE SmackDown! Live Superstar
WWE SmackDown Women's Championship x2
Best Dance Moves of the Year x1

idea for cover dance costume for my cover dance team 2black1 cover 2ne1 Suancarrot cover seventeen and dolls house cover exid

💜Lee Ji Hoon💜
Stage Name: Woozi
Group: Seventeen
Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Unit: Vocal Team
Birthday: 22 November 1996


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