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byun baekhyun baekhyun exo

Okey, this person over here👆🏻 is the perfection; I mean he is so cute but sexy at the same time, I love him bc of everything (voice, looks, talent, etc.). He's the golden maknae of BTS and my bias too 😻😻

Attractive, femme fatale type. Might ruin your life, might make it better.

This is a collection of super-cute pictures of BTS, a famous K-Pop band. If you haven't heard of them and LOVE THEM, then you're either: a; living under a rock or b; are a literal rock. So here are my favorite pictures from my favorite boys. Enjoy!

the little ball of sunshine,1/5 of 5h

•Can't wait till the day I have kids to call my own•


@darkeilil Hey Mamaaaa just speak all night!!