Cute Alien

First time with BTS?

Korean boy band with 7 persons who ruining my life... but I love them... T3T

Rap Monster. God of Destruction. Dance Monster. 💥
Jin. Pink princess. Mom. 👸
Jimin. Puppy. Looking for jams. 🍑
J-Hope. Sunshine. Your hope, your angel. 🐴
V/Tae. Alien. I'm dying for his deep husky voice. 🍵
Suga. Genius. Swag. Grandpa.😴
Jungkook. The scary and cute bunny. Golden maknae. 🍪
... This is members of Bangtan Sonyeondan. <3 <3 <3

My favorite Alien ^…^ SexCut ^~^

My cute 4D alien 💗💗💗

He might be a pervert Alien But he Is Gorgeous And they are SO FREAKING CUTE TOGETHER 💙💜😄😘

Kim Taehyung
♥ Cute / Sexy alien ♥

im kind of hyperactive so i made collections for every bts member from a dumb halloween au i did. this is cute and curious alien!v