i wish i could meet you. or just once, to see you. i want to have a conversation with you, i want to hug and embrace you, i want to let you know how much you mean to me and how much i could or could not possibly mean to you.

عندما تتحدث المشاعر ! 😃

Puns, jokes, savage comments, burns, really funny conversations, texts, The. List. Goes on. There's quite a variety of things here, but they have one thing in common. They make us laugh! *looks at people and everyone stares at me like "why"* They... make me laugh... omguh, why am I so awkward?- Teardrop🌊

About some random texts, I found... Please enjoy your tour-texting! :)

a nerd obsessed with unlikely probabilities and random facts you don't really want to know. (fact : there's a 99% chance he'll blurt one out in the middle of a conversation)

واتس اب / انستا / فيس بوك / صراحة


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