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حبٌ وَ بعَد 💫

There are things in life that would ever make sense.

Why some people who were the closest to us are not there anymore.
Why the things we want would never happen.
Why we would love someone and they would love someone else.
Why comfort is rarely felt.

But I concluded that it's better to accept the things we couldn't change.
Maybe better things would happen after.

escape out of your comfort zone and discover the world

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"

reminders for me.
I hope you find comfort and inspiration in them too

a very personally sculpted therapy session yet i'm convinced i'm not alone with this feeling

Life wouldn't be complete if you stay at your comfort zone. Go out, travel the world, embrace your wildness , make history , and mostly make it memorable.


@lakabyledalgerie2004 I feel more comfortable in chaos,  


@karen11a llega pronto