"Summer. Skin gets darker. Waterย getsย warmer. Drinksย getย colder. Musicย getsย louder. Nightsย getย longer. Life getsย better".

BTS Min Yoongi! soft, lq, aesthetic, caring in his own way, the cheesiest at times, not at all lazy or cold-hearted like people make him out to be!!! so stop saying that pls and ty

Azul, blue de tristeza, a cor do cรฉu quando alegre, o blues para um estilo musical que aprecio de montรฃo. ร‰ isto: os variados tons de azul... Ou, como o nome do filme jรก dizia: "Azul รฉ a cor mais quente".

"Blue Is The Warmest Color" ??!!

A little bit cold, I guess. But lovely, for sure. Dreams ... Sleepy ... Relaxing minds

Pisces Sign (zodiac) - The Blue's friend.

Cancer Sign (zodiac) - The Blue's friend.

Simple and cozy winter inspiration photos . The more white the more beautiful, I love snow.

Xmas โ€ข Christmas โ€ข cold โ€ข snow โ€ข hot drinks โ€ข hot chocolate โ€ข

Cold caress. May the world let you believe you're free. You're only the fool of the devil.