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water, sea, coconut tree, beach, summer, isle, paradise, sun, waves, holidays, perfect

!!!, this collection is about the beach, sand, coconut, palm trees and lots of fun. 🌴🍍🍉🌻🌊🍦🍹🍸🏊

a collection of jeon jeongguk "jungkook" (bts) 💌 ↓
- sign ⇒ virgo, september 1st, 1997
- position ⇒ main vocalist, sub rapper, lead dancer, maknae & being my bias ♡
- is a top tier meme and can do everything, transitioned from little bunny to coconut sex god & has a spot in my heart ♥︎

Oooooo! Smells like coconut with a scent of mango! Bath bombs are very famous but some people don't have them..... I'm still looking... ❤️


@SouthernGrl121 Fresh Fruit Pops! just chop up fresh fruit, place in popsicle molds, add coconut water & freeze! Pretty!! #MyVeganJournal