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After helping a man in the street, Melissa is brough to a big manor, the day after she wakes up in the arms of a CEO and discover that she is married to multiple men. This is a contract, but soon the men will fall in love with her cold and sarcastic self.

힘쎈여자 도봉순

A young woman, trying to hide her superhuman hereditary strength, is confronted with a case of kidnapping in her neighborhood. While working as a bodyguard for her CEO of a video game company and having feelings for her childhood friend, a policeman.

my cute little deer.

lu han ; beijing, china ; xxvii ; singer ; model ; dancer ; ceo ; ex-ulzzang ; ex-exo member (but he will still be part of exo in my heart).

Genius Nam
he is my inspiration, i'm so proud of him, he went ahead despite the falls.
Is a singer, an actor, songwriter, musician, producer, an artist, lider of his own band and Ceo of his own agency.
Please Support him and his band.

raven: super model; clarke: ceo; lexa: photographer; octavia: owns a café; bellamy and murphy: police officers; jasper: comic book store owner; monty: computer scientist;; clarke and raven are roommates, octavia and lexa are roommates, jasper and monty are roommates, bellamy and murphy are roommates

Selene Ashton
Selene Ashton

@selene_the_first He firstly didn't care, but when he saw she was different he couldn't stay away from her.  

Carpe Diem Vinci
Carpe Diem Vinci

@CarpeDiemVinci #devincitwins  

Baek Kai
Baek Kai

@baekkaixoxo_ CEO Jin  


صباح الخير حبيبتي كعدت احبج❤️  


@Jetstar1098 ✦⊱ɛʂɬཞɛƖƖą⊰✦