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°Bubbly vocalist of EXO and the sub unit CBX°

The bright and bubbly mall goth who never wants to grow up

Clover is a fairy who was born in a field of clover.
She works at a dress shop and is really good at doing detailed work, like embroidery.
Her favorite dessert is lemon cookies, and she has pet ladybug named Dot.
She has a sweet, bubbly personality, and is an encouraging friend.

~ ♡ Annyeonghaseyo! ♡ ~
Welcome to the Hope of BTS: Jung Hoseok! He is so warm and caring. Also he's very comedic and I really enjoy his bubbly personality. Join the ARMY to continue to love, support and protect our handsome idol's. Fighting! ❀
♡ xo · ChimchiBvby · xo ♡

BTS Kim Taehyung! soft, lq, aesthetic, an actual angel on earth, ethereallll, so bubbly but sophisticated, makes my heart swell on a daily