Bts Cute

One of the bands that saved me 💝
~방탄 소년단~
My favorite ships:
Vminkook, Sope, Namjin
Also cute pairings:
Taekook, Yoonmin, Jikook

My cute side 🌈🌤

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-Cute girls 😻💕
-Anime Shits 🐙😉
-Funny 😂✨
-My Style
-BTS 🐰🍪
-EXO 🌸(~‾∇‾)~
-Animals 🐻🐰💕
-Cute Shits 🙊💕
-Overwatch 🐰❄
-Melanie Martinez 🎠🐰🍼
-Dalas (¡MINI!) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-Quotes 📚
-Sad Shits 😭💔
-Bisexual Trash 👑🐰🌈
-Rose Quartz 💕
-Pink shits 🍑
-Art 💕
-Hentai 🐽💕🍑
—🌙 And more shits like this 👆.

My baby, my bunny, my child, my kookie. My lovely boy Jeon Jungkookie, being stanned by me isn't so hard, but your angelic voice,your sweet moves,and your cute attitudes made me fall for you two times faster than the normal😂

this cute being will be right here in his very own collection! I hope you enjoy his cute baby bun face🐰


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