Brother And Sister

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You, beautiful soul, feel welcome to join me in this collection..I greet you as equal, as my brother, as my sister, as my family

Princess of the Refi Kingdom. She is manipuliative and seductive to get what she wants. She's in love with her half brother Leho, and hates her sister in law Arabella. She wants to be with her lover and to have the crown. She is also the mother of Thalia.

It's all about Muslims...
All the reminders are first for me than for my all Muslim brothers and sisters.
May Allah make us better Muslims and May we all meet in Jannah tul Firdous !!!

This collection is detecated to my little
❤ brother and sister ❤

~We are siblings by chance~
~Friends by choice~

personal aesthetic: hayley noëlle leblanc

september 2 | 2008 | brown curly hair | brown eyes | older sister | older brother | chocolate ice cream | bunnies | youtube | traveling | dance

personal aesthetic: troian avery bellisario

october 28 | 1985 | brown hair | brown eyes | five brothers | three sisters | so smart | actress | spencer | coffee | feed | married to patrick | travelling | story telling | poet | dance | past ED

gravity falls

@taulmarana This two is brother and sister from Gravity Falls, who now are more open minded, but i thought this is impossible to be more clever than they were  

Katie Brooke Mundy
Katie Brooke Mundy

@katie_brooke_mundy She said ima hoe and all I hang around is hoes 🖕👌  


@ricchelle Shawn mendes with his little sister Aaliyah Mendes on her graduation day.  


two Brothers 😌😌  


@__LaraC__ Brother and sister ❤