Breathe In The Light

-mistree trains

••Leda "38"• Asteroid 38• Thean• from Home District Thea• Light Blue Blood• Breathes and bends water• Shy, Quiet, Anxious• Brave, Strong, Calm• Crew Member of the Paradox Drifters• hole in right thigh••

In the valley of my mind
On the road of the unknown
When the shadows of my doubts are closing in
You are the light that brings me home

When I breathe in
I don’t understand but I can feel it
Every waking moment in Your presence
This peace won’t let me go
There is freedom
In laying all my worries at Your feet again
Even in my struggle I’m surrendering
Your peace won’t let me go

Don't hold your breathe. I never said I'd save you, honey."

When depression takes its toll; when the pain drowns me in a sea of hurt; when the monsters haunt me in the night, I return to my world. My wonderland with purple skies and silver rain. With paper flowers and neon grass. Where love is all you need, where happiness is the air you breathe.


@mauro_swift City urban by night  

Signe H
Signe H

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