Books And Tea

↪long walks, Ed Sheeran songs, crunchy leaves, classic books, hot tea, sound of rain and wind, breathtaking landscapes, all the colors, perfect sunny weather cause it's not too hot, apples, poems, long rides, peaceful nights, soft sweaters, blankets, linings, storms, cutest socks, hoodies, boots, fire, hot chocolate, just how beautifully is to let things go... I come alive.

"Autumn killed summer with the softest kiss."

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So maybe it´s strange and yaaa a little bit cliched because I love autumn and tea/coffee and read books. But that´s me.
xoxo maybe all in all a little bit a freak.

cozy sundays with sweaters and books and black/green tea☕🎃📚
hiking with your family and your dog in the wood🐕☂🍁

but NO school

Colder weather, knitwear, cocoa, blankets, warm coats, big scarves, nights in, hot meals, books, baking, beautiful colors, boots, dark lipstick, lighting the fire, pie, pretty gloves, crisp air, candle lights, hot tea and coffee... what's not to love about autumn? 😍👢🍁☕️🕯👜📚💄🍵🍂

Inspiration to get in the FALL MOOD! Everything coffee, warm tea, books, trees, leaves, & treats. Everything Cozy! 🍂

cold nights, warm tea, large sweaters, good books, and soft socks


@My_Name_Is_Athens Hello Autumn.Hello Hearters 💭 #WHITheRevolution #Autumn #Photography  


@pahradiseheaven my goal is to find winter pics now and post only winter pics during December  


@LadyLizzie_InWonderland Mornings and afternoons 💜😍