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♡ Stage Name : V (뷔) 
♡ Full Name : Kim Tae Hyung (김태형) 
♡ Group : Bangtan Sonyeondan, Beyond The Scene, Bangtan Boys, BTS
♡ Position : Vocalist
♡ Birthday : December 30, 1995 
♡ Place of Birth : Daegu, South Korea

My Ultimate Bias ❤

favorite members of groups + solo artists

My current obsession😍 my ultimate kpop group 😘 what's a bias, when you can love all svt members equally 💞

my will to live & hapiness
ot12 ♡ — [bias group]

I can't chose one bias with this group😭so I have I have four😂

the very first kpop group i fell in love with.
actual queens || bias ggroup ♡


@Butterfly_24k Monsta X (1st World Tour in Santiago)  


@Butterfly_24k Up10tion's Special Message (#TwoYearsWithUP10TION)