Candy is sooo good and necessary, but sometimes it is good with some healthy stuff as well ♡

Darker the berry sweater the juice 💦👅
Daker the shade deeper the roots 😊🍫 #AFRICA

Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid to not try. 

so called feminist who hates boys.

The Arcana original character

Magicians apprentice, card reader, favorite food: berries, favorite drink: black tea, favorite flower: lilac, animal lover, people lover, quiet, kind

blue + yellow (banana berry)


@Cant_hold_us Berry Swirl Smoothie Bowl with Mulberry Caramel White Choco & Pink Bliss Balls. ✨ Listening to Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope from '97 ( How can it be already 20 years from that album!? 😵👵🏻 ) and giving a glam look to my late breakfast. Gonna share the recip  


@dontbeme Dark cherry, dark bloom, dark red, red theme, dark red theme, feed, theme, white theme, vouge, lilac theme, tropical theme, lilac, tropical, dark green, baddies, baby purple, green theme, purple theme, fresh indie theme, fresh indie, spring theme, brown t  


@nvmedd Frangelico French Toast w/Blueberries & Vanilla Bean Creme Fraiche | Anisa Sabet | The Macadames