Beautiful Ballerina

The most beautiful thing that can exist in the world.
A way you express what you feel and think with your body.
This thing is called Ballet, or as I call it, my life.

A beautiful art form of expression...

Beautiful images of dance, that fleeting magical moment captured on film that takes you to another place. a.k.a I may have a small obsession with aesthetic ballet images

Alinn is an original character of mine. She was born in March 14, 1996 in New York to French parents. She has one old sister, and she is her best friend. She started dancing when she was 6, and she never stopped. She is beautiful, soft, polite, happy and caring. Her heart is open to everybody, and she brings happiness to every room. she is Uriah's girlfriend.

Beautiful pictures of hardworking and talented dancers!

To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.


@peperufden_rai Ballet❤❤  


@sogomonyanmeline0 Dance is my life