Yell it out till your heart stops beating,
we'll carry on.

🌿🌾 "Once upon a time I was falling in love but now I'm only falling apart"🌾🌿

▶️🌊I hope you don't mind me sharing my broken heart with you all. This is all because I fell in love with someone I shouldn't have... Sorry.🌊◀️

🎭🎠 I don't really know how to stop my heart from beating so fast whenever you are near me, I hope you never notice, otherwise I'm in big trouble. 🎠🎭

To remember the innocence and purest about being alive; our childish minds opens hearts, eyes and souls. keep your own scene alive and beating 💓

This is us... and we are the people who made from broken parts, I know our heart beating in the dark.

"If you only knew, I'd sacrifice my beating heart before I lose you."

You don’t die when your heart stops beating. You die when your heartbeats have no meaning. ♥


@Daiisdairy Bite this look! It's so bomb! 😛💖  


@Kanahari It wasn't my sibling but still like 😒  


@PerlaLaraA "426." by plaraa on Polyvore.