Bad Baby

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tones: light oranges and red, not too much contrast
✦ not that bad

Hold up...wait one minute you know your the baddest baby fuck them hoes,fuck them hoes,fuck them we're on a different planet baby it's fuck them hoes ‼️(I just heart pictures of girls that I think are bad or look bad)

We raise them .
Care about them .
But, They are so bad yet cute .

I was changing your nappy when I was 18 in the 90's! You wait until your 40 then come talk to ME! Beat it kid... Somebody loves you baby! 🤘💘 I rocked that era and I was BAD!!! 🤓🎙🎸🤘🍸👡I lived enough for the freaking WHI community! Ooh Lord, that's not proudness. ~Lenaism 🙉💗

Baby, I’m bad all day

my babies. i love love love love love love them so much. time my change us all but the memories, neither good nor bad will remain with us forever. exo saranghaja ♡


@Cslife212 En dirait une poupée😂😻