Back Time

Close your eyes. Plug your ears. Hold your breath. Fall in love with somebody. Give them every single inch of your body. Give them every beat of your heart. And now imagine them gone. Walk into a room. The room is your brain. Keep walking until you reach the darkest corner and slide your back down the wall. Curl up in fetal position and rub your wet face on your knees and remember every single time you’ve ever felt alone. Open your eyes. Look past the sky, look past the stars, look past it all.

She's got a target painted on her back,
And keeps a list of the qualities a good girl lacks.
She bites her lip and tips her bottle,
I take a drink 'cause the truth is hard to swallow.
Sex and white lies,
Handcuffs and alibis,
She lays her halo on the pillow where she sleeps...
Her heart beats, red wine,
My toxic valentine.
Lays her halo on the pillow that used to be mine.
Oh, oh.
-All time low, Toxic Valentine, Jennifers Body

Animals can play a big role in our timed lives... so this collection may inspire you and others about animals and how adorable they can be!

P.S. Don't ever buy a bird just because if it's beauty. Sun conures and other birds are often returned back to bird shelters because some owners don't know how much attention these birds actually need. I've already done all of my research about them so i'm fine. 😌

This band helped me get through a very tough time. Most likely the toughest time of my life. This band helped me to change myself, my way of living and my view on life. They helped me to grow when I was forced to. They had a hand on my back all the time, pushing me forward, but making sure I didn't fall. I wouldn't know where I would be, if I hadn't had their music and their four amazing personalities influencing me through the times, that marked me and my heart forever.

This collection, is one which I normally go back to when times are hard or when i find a quote or a saying related to how im feeling at a certain time.
Everyone has feelings like this sometimes so its better to let it out.

A trip back in time


@bynnalu I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.  


@karly_tm Harper's Bazaar, 1951, Photo By Lillian Bassman  


@karly_tm Love through the curtains 1952 Photo By. Dennis Stock  


@Paeikkystyle lyrics truth  


@Anahiram2005 I left you to protect my heart and how I regret it so  

turn back time
baby gurl
baby gurl

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Sugar, Spice and everything Nice
Sugar, Spice and everything Nice

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