Baby Anna

Kailee was originally a street rat but then she bumped into Ben. Kailee at first was a little shy and timid but Ben got her to open up. Ben decides to adopt her after almost sending her to foster care. Kailee really is sweet though a lot say she's the sweetest girl in Auradon. She likes Mal a whole lot more than Audrey and always seems to get along with everyone including the Vk's. Message me on why your following this board(I wanna know who's actual interested in this character)

This is my dream Descendants cast. I little girl I know would be prefect for princess Kailee but I can't post her pictures. So instead Anna Pavaga. Message me about why you follow this board or if your interested in writing a story about the little girl's life as part of the Descendants cast on Wattpad, quotev or the

Pictures of Anna Pavaga.

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