we had a bonding moment, i cradled you in my arms

They've got the charms,
to make me swoon
right into their arms. 💖

our arms start from the back because they were once wings

"After a long day, both ended hugging each other under the softness of blankets. Their hearts felt like one where calmness and happiness invaded them. Before they fall asleep in their bed, she slowly whispered "kauniita unia" to the love of her life that was right next to her holding her petite and fragile body between His arms."

The reason I'm working so hard and doing what I'm doing right now.

In my opinion, eyes and arms are the most beautiful places in a person.

all of my fav humans incl. one direction ofc, 5sos, shawn, troye, tøp🌼


@nana_ribeiro3 We can be heroes just for one day.  


@proud_and_envious Ernest Hemingway with Adriana Ivancich