I just love this I swear I'll go viral
From the burbs' to the streets now, it's a revival
The spirit is found in the idealistically idle
The age of excess
And I just love it

Beautiful women of all races, ages, styles.

Another world, Another time. in the age of wonder. Digital Fantasies or Anime with Manga Cartoon and Drawings

rose gold (adj): subtle and delicate color that intensifies with age

Name | Indira Mahariel
Title | Hero of Ferelden
Class | Rogue
Weapon of Choice | Bow & Arrows
L.I |
Main Companions | Zevran, Wynne & Sten

Background |

Aftermath |

Name | Marjorie Trevelyan
Title | Inquisitor
Class | Warrior
Weapon of Choice | Sword & Shield
L.I | Josephine
Main Companions | Varric, Dorian & Cassandra

Background | Fifth child of the Trevelyan household sent at a young age in service to the Chantry despite her wishes

Conclave | Present in support of her elder brother who was previously a mage of the circle


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