African Women

This collection is pictures of beautiful African Americans and Africans (or just black people in general) men and women! 🖤😍🍫

"Black women are ugly" Here is a collection that will change your mind...

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A collection for black women that slay.

Lot of regards for this woman.. She is an inspiration! I'm not talking of her career. Just herself! Just her personality. Solange believes in Africa , She knows where she comes from , she is an inspiration for black women ( nappy hair , natural skin , african fashion ) lot of things to show how she doesn't give a fuck about Beyonce's influence in this world. She only is living her life with her old husband ( Perfect couple ) with her lovely baby boy ( Young but mature mother ). Be Proud ! #Elle


@herlucidsky @musesuniform || Beauty. Fashion. Style. Stretched natural hair. Afro hair. kinky hair. natural hair. Pony tail. Brown skin. Modest fashion. Modeset style. Modest clothes. Modest wear. Stylish dress.  


@Debruno Lucy's Profile - A tribute to Gordon Parks.