A Little Chaos

Don't even pretend you can understand us. The last time someone did, it was a lie.
We HATE lies.
The madness of Chimidoro Red and Redfox. The little tiny line between hope and despair, love and hatred, with a little bit of chaos and smiles =)
Black may be elegant, but Red is magnificent.

Inspirations, things I think are cool, a little bit of everything. Chaos, mess.🌫
Aesthetic, grunge,...

sanctuary or safe haven is what some of us need, a place where we can get away from all the chaos in the world. that place is our rooms or something that is like our own little heaven it can be anything.

I like my fandoms and I enjoy a little chaos. So here.

Emily R.ッ
Emily R.ッ

@emilyramnarace It is enough to have that happen to you.  


@roosvangeffen A little chaos premiere at London 🌸🌟💗