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liza koshy

david, liza, scotty, kristen, toddy,
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Grew up in Houston,Texas now lives in LA. Congratulations Liza !! Hitting so many subs. Growing each and every day. Started in Vine and now on YouTube. Owning it. I love you.

Mikey Murphy // Luke Korns // Liza // The Dolan Twins // Zoella (sometimes)

Hi I'm Wynona ,I love Liza Soberano so much. I'm a Filipina. In this collection is I put my favorites here ❤️

david, liza, todd, scotty, matt, jason, kristen, dom, andrea, gabbie, alex, heath, zane, meghan, corinna, erin and carly..... also known as my favorite people


@_PeintureNoire_ "Hey look! Another Cliché" is my story on Wattpad, it's originally written on Spanish so sorry if some things are misspelled☺️ Wattpad: @benefilim-killademon