3 Brothers

my mom, dad, 3 younger brothers and me

JJ, legally Park Yeongjae, is the leader, maknae, and vocalist of the South Korean idol group Meraki. He was born March 25th, 1999 in Tianjian, China. He has 3 older brothers, Yeongsu, and the twins Hoyeong & Hakyeong who are both maknae idols in a popular senior idol group under another company. He also has 2 older sisters, Jiyeong, and Inyeong who is an idol in a rookie idol group under his same company. He is bisexual and agnostic.

[OC_he is completely fictional !!!]

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may 3 | 1999 | older brother | blonde hair | make up

1/3 of the Jonas Brothers 2006 - 2013

Directioners stuff,1D moms, sisters, brothers, Eleanor, Lux, Louise...

i am dreaming and keep holding on!! <3
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