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Kind, passionate, self-less, thoughtful, singer and model Cassie Rodriguez was the long time girlfriend of Harry Styles since 2013 they went through Thick and Thin but after all that they unexpectedly break up as the result of the break up Cassie was 1 week pregnant with there child, she wanted to tell him about but since they broke up, she decided not too now a year later she trying to be a single mom, a singer and model what happened when Harry comes back to her life unexpectedly?

The perfectly cute, hot & stylish year of Harry Styles. Bless 🙌🏼

Where you can find photos of Ariana from before her My Everything era. It's mostly 2013-early 2014, when her hair styles and makeup were more cutesy, I guess.


@hiracahill Details from Valentino Fall 2013.  


@everythingisinternal Zuhair Murad Haute Couture 2013  


@deborah_green Enzoani Isadora https://www.extralace.com/a-line/623-enzoani-isadora.html  

Mel Queen♡
Mel Queen♡

@melany_1120 One direction and zayn ♥