1 World & 1 Love

Pictures of the best thing in the entire world.
Really in love with lipstics.
Loving Chanel,
Wanting Benefit,
Affording Nyx.
Kisses (without getting all my lipstic around),
The make up lover #1💄

A collection that shows you:

No. 1 - If she or he doesn't want you then fall in love just a little oh little bit everyday with someone new.

No. 2 - There is no love in a world where nature rules and we live only for the moment, feeding our animal appetites.

No. 3 - Love with every stranger, the stranger the better.

and yes, the references are from Hozier and his perfect words. Thank you.

Because she is the most important in the world and she deserves it to be happy, i love you baby, never forget that, 1000 & 1 clean, together💕💪🏼 J.💕

Collection dedicated to a one of the most talented persons on the earth. Christopher Maurice Brown is a artist, actor, singer, producer, songwriter, dancer, designer, CEO, father, rapper, superstar. Has over 400 songs. Owns his record label. Owns 14 Burger King restaurants. 8 world tours. 5 movies. 9 studio albums. Countless single's. Many many many collaborations. 1 daughter. Leader of Team Breezy. Legend. My ultimate crush and my constant inspiration. LOVE, S.

I! !!In the world! !!The first! !!Love! !!It is a songstress! !!!!Please, please hear 1 degree everybody singing voice.

This is a collection of words made by suicidal people. It is wrong to think of suicide. I would like to advocate the love of those who never had it, the friends who never talked, and the help those who think life is better without them. You are important as everything can be. We need you to run the world for generations and generations. Please don't chose the hardest question of all. Pick up the phone and dial 1-800-273-8255 for the suicidal hotline. You mean so much to me so chose please dial.