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Anything that has to Disney is in this collection 💘

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A little random collection of what my fashion taste is. What art styles draw my attention the most and what creative ideas are the most remembered in my mind. Full of all the quotes I hang onto the most and all the fandoms and people I adore are here. And memes, too!- Teardrop🌊

To be honest I prefer animation and cartoons than real life shows & movies. But, I respect your opinion if you don't. Gameboys and video games are pretty cool too, and aesthetic, kind of. But, you gotta admit you liked some form of toy growing up, am I right..? :3-Teardrop🌊

"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

beauty and the beast

@theimperfectdancer Belle and Adam dancing  


@Sweet_Green_Eyes_13 Mickey Mouse es un clasico de siempre, y mas en las navidades.  


@Sweet_Green_Eyes_13 No importa como lo celebres o con quien. Es compartir el cariño, el amor y la felicidad del momento.