Beauty And Hair 💄💋💅🏻

You got your mix of oyinbos,9ja babes👱

Women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and races. Because our differences are beautiful. Don't listen to the media and shallow people; there isn't just "one" way to look or be as a female in order to be considered beautiful or attractive. LOVE YOURSELF, flaws and all. And empower others to see their beauty and to own their imperfections.

A todas las mujeres nos mata el maquillaje el estar lindas siempre, y que mejor que tener opciones para cuando no sabemos ni qué queremos, o simplemente inspirarnos a sentirnos y vernos bonitas !!🎀💎


Blazer- Romwe, Tee- Angry Blossom, Pants- Similar, Creepers – TUK, Socks- Ozone Socks (by Lua P):  

clary fray

@Ari_Shadowhunters Katherine McNamara ❤️ | Shadowhunters ➰  


@chelzie_quinatagcan Florally crown