Twenty øne Piløts

from taco bell saga to regional at best to blurryface i fell in love with two boys from columbus, ohio tyler joseph and josh dun but also known as twenty øne piløts

I love yellow. The Sun. The stars. Spring mornings. Winter afternoons. Fall evenings. Summer nights. Art & music & everithing that makes me feel special. Quotes and notes. Thoughts. Smiles. laughters. You.

They are smol beans for me. They are my sundays and sundays are suicide days.

Twenty One Pilots is an American musical duo originating from Columbus, Ohio, featuring Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph.

I can not describe my love for this band. Stay alive everyone |-/ || the world sucks but at least Tyler met Josh!


@vucanovic0 Lovelovelovelove  


@marisazoerb fast food greasy taco i love🌮💕