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funny tumblr lol

Just things that make me laugh/smile! Hope you do too :P

Things I think/feel when I'm alone.
Demons that live inside my head and torment the ever living shit out of me

Funny trash and important messages

Nothing on earth can love you as much as god, you're his masterpiece for all that you've done he loves you so very much. With the journey of my life so far with poetry, watching movies, art, Christianity, all that shaped me. Who will I become? Is it worth all the troble to see my true self? Who knows, love yourself, spread love everywhere you go, and most importantly find who you are. Maybe the journey is worth much time, find that out.


@Sabrinasparkle ALL 🍔 IN 🍟 THE 🔫 NAME 🗽 OF 🦅 DEMOCRACY🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 !!!  


@piyu299 I feel so great that the word " fuckboy" exists for boys who hook up with more than one girl